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Welcome to the online gallery of fine art by Robert Rodriguez. Thank you for finding my fine art paintings gallery site.  Navigate above to view my original paintings and fine art prints for direct purchase. I paint primarily with acrylic and oils. I also implement 14k Gold leaf, Silver, Bronze and Copper elements on canvas. “Another Exciting Breakthough!”  My artist studio is located in Tucson, Arizona. With art collectors in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Phoenix, the art is shipped my art throughout  the country.  You can browse my online galleries and order directly from me. Please do not hesitate to email or phone if you have any questions about making a purchase. I appreciate your interest in my artwork. “EVERYONE WHO SEES IT, JUST LOVES IT”

These paintings are not cheap, I use the best materials and spend hours painting to perfect the technique.  I have many inquiries over the past 15 years. If there is one thing I have learned it to  accommodate the customer. Marketing is golden. My art was featured on VH1 in 2009.  Please view my supersize pic link above to view.


I am an abstract expressionist artist painter.  I enjoy painting in many styles and techniques. My personal view on art is based on several key principals: Emotional connection, visualization, higher thought consciousness, color therapy and healing. Along with these principles I incorporate colorful energy into all aspects of my design. Most of my art concepts are created by breaking from conventional and contained design; this in effect transcends existing structure and boundaries in a dynamic visual way. I paint in full Arizona sunlight that expediates the dry process and also infuses the layers and colors. The modern art paintings and wall art add beauty to your home or office.  Home decor, interior design, home furnishings, decorators.

After completing my studies in Fine Art at The University of Arizona in 1992, I visited many museums abroad and continued to work on my craft.

As an emerging self-representational artist, I originally worked in Advertising and Desktop Publishing. I eventually decided to abandon “Corporate America” and became a full-time self-employed artist and painter. It was the best decision of my life because it gave me limitless freedom to explore and create. Andy Warhol once said: “BEAUTY IS A SIGN OF INTELLIGENCE.”

Contact Info

For general questions about the art please feel contact me direct via email or phone. (5.2.0. ) 4.0.0~ – Robert Rodriguez


Buy Original Abstract Paintings by Robert Rodriguez, Fine Artist. Handmade signed artwork. Buy Art Online. Colorful Abstract Wall Art. Limited edition prints, posters.  Abstract Expressionist, Impressionist Art, Modern Art, Landscapes, Sunsets, Oceans, Desert, Animals, People, Portraits, Florals Flowers and more…

3 Chocolate Espresso Tree Triptych (Below)

3 chocolate tree

5 Black Night Mulholland Drive (Below)


5 Blue Streak of Success (Below)

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